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Logistical solutions

Order processing and tracking with overseas supplier.


  • Monitoring export licensens 
  • Complete track & trace of consignments at every stage 
  •  Email alert informing customer of shipping dates & eta 
  •  Import Licence applikation and control 
  • Own Enhanced Remote Transit Shed bonded Customs clearance 
  • Full Customs entry service, duty & VAT payment 
  • Duty/VAT advice & control 
  • Complete storage and handling facilities, including container stripping, remarking, reworking, 
  • Pan European onward delivery service 
  •  Direct computer link to customs. The need to place the whole process - from door to door - in the hands of one competent organization is paramount. In practice, it means working in partnership with an organization which has direct links to the factory, the overseas forwarder and the shipping or airline – a partner who has a working rapport with, and an in-depth knowledge of Swedish Customs. Such a partner can provide just one point of reference enabling you to plan stock levels and costs to the last penny and advise on important questions like: 
  • Should I be buying ex works or CFR?
  • What quantities should I be ordering to get optimum value from my freight expenditure?
  • Do I need a Duty Deferment facility?

At Euroglobe our people are in place, ready to answer these questions and more.


Euroglobe has been in the export business for over 25 years. . Our Clients are our Partners in world trade. Together we plan for today and tomorrow. With the increased competition in the worldwide markets, working with us you can be confident your exports will arrive safely, economically, and on time.

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Export Operations

Euroglobe can offer you following services

  • Planning & Estimating
  • Shipping
  • Insurance
  • Packing & Haulage
  • Documentation
  • Customs

Euroglobe´s staff are totally committed to and work closely with clients. You can take advantage of our experience and purchasing power so that your exports arrive at destination in the most economical way possible. In turn your overseas customer receives your goods efficiently and on-time and returns to you for repeat business. By listening to the requirements of our Clients we determine together the best way forward. We become you and work as one unit. By working together in this way the world becomes a smaller place. Let Euroglobe become your worldwide distribution partner
Let Euroglobe become your worldwide distribution partner

Export Packaging

Our comprehensive service range includes:

  • Case/crate manufacture and packing at customers premises
  • Climatic packaging
  • Machine base cases 
  • Shrink wrapping 

As an essential module in our comprehensive export services, Euroglobe’s Export Packing Division offers an unparalleled range of export packing services to suit the needs of every exporter.

Our Export Packing Division is fully integrated with our Export Operations Control as there are important factors to be considered other than merely supplying a robust case or crate for your valuable shipment. For example:

  • When does the Letter of Credit expire?
  • Depending on the country of destination, what packing materials are to be avoided? - knowledge of regulations is vital

Cross trade

Now you can buy and sell the world over without ever leaving your office chair! Euroglobe’s global Network of agents means we can help you trade goods you never even see. Ex - you buy goods from a manufacturer in say, Vietnam and you want them delivered to say, Argentina.

Euroglobe organizes the entire process - from pick up to delivery while you sit tight in your office, safe in the knowledge your goods will reach their destination, we even complete all the necessary customs / insurance / letter of credit documentation for you, so you have nothing to do but trade more goods and make more money. Euroglobe provide you with an effortless, effective way to trade goods the world over.

Distribution & 3PL

  • Pallets - same day - next day - 48 hour - 72 hour
  • Cartons - same day - overnight - 48 hour    
  • Hazardous 
  • Temperature controlled
  • Out of gauge
  • Storage controll and inventories

Customer distribution requirements have matured and it's no longer enough to simply offer set-piece services from a limited fleet of vehicles. Satisfying the complex demands of today's customer requires a full menu of services to satisfy an equal amount of needs.

You may have a project which requires point-of-sale material and stock delivery to 400 retail outlets within 24 hours - a new product launch, for instance, or just a full trailer load of non time-critical bulk stock from one factory to another - all in the most cost effective way possible.

Transport and distribution requirements are now so diverse that any organization attempting to succeed using it’s own limited fleet resources is liable to find itself unable to satisfy the needs of its customers.

From parcels to project movements, we move thousands of tons of product and material overland each year. For each link in the chain of distribution, we have transporters and haulers who are expert in that particular field. They are contracted directly to us, so in turn we can be there for you.

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