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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

25/5, a new law comes into effect: GDPR

GDPR - Data Protection Ordinance in Swedish.

It replaces the current Personal Data Act - PUL, which has often proved to be more indicative than governing law. However, GDPR, which is an EU directive, will be more powerful. Among other things, heavy fines are issued to non-GDPR companies.

What is then essential with the new law?
The basic is that all individuals own their personal data, and GDPR therefore places great demands on how companies handle them.

Some examples:

A company must have a legal basis (eg an agreement or consent) that they may have the individual's personal data in the company's registry.
At the individual's request, the company shall provide the individual with a registry drawing showing which personal data are processed and for what purpose.
The individual has the right to have his information deleted from the company's register (with certain exceptions, such as a current agreement).

Euroglobe wants to inform our customers that we have:

Worked on GDPR-related issues since autumn 2017
Identified where all personal data are available in the Euroglobe's / (Transfar's) register
Ensure that all records are correct and contain relevant information
Issued guidelines according to GDPR requirements
Started work to publish information about GDPR in the relationships we have with our customers
Put all our data networks, servers, backup and routine in violation
In addition to GDPR, we also follow guidelines for AEO when we carry this certification, and we also have obligations to comply with these guidelines. These are very strict and a good complement to GDPR, especially regarding security. We want Euroglobe's customers and partners to know that we take security very seriously. That we do every effort to ensure that information is stored correctly and safely. We have and will continue to focus heavily on our GDPR work and ensure that we comply with the new law.

If you have any questions regarding Euroglobe and GDPR please contact Javier Sanguesa,

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