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Quality & Environment

Constant improvements and management control

Our Mission

To be professional, personal and give the best value.
With our knowledge and understanding of company processes, technical development and logistics services, our mission is to work as partners to simplify and develop transport solutions which increase effectivity and reduce costs for the customer, also bearing in mind the environmental aspects.


Constant improvements and management control
We are realists not promising more than we can achieve. We don’t take on work we can’t do. Our quality requirements are stringent and specific. We work systematically on improving our staff, our skills and processes.
We work accordingly to ISO: 14001 standards regarding management control and environment.

Environmental policy

Euroglobe works methodically and continuously with these issues. We feel that this is the key to success in any activity. Euroglobe is a freight forwarding company that acquires transport resources from external companies. We aim for total control and that our assignments are carried out with the highest possible quality, and that our environmental goals being fulfilled.

We require that our organization works in a cost effective and environmentally correct way, yet not neglecting the quality aspects. Work descriptions, deviation reports, instructions, vehicle control, correct equipment etc, are an example of items reviewed and followed up on a regular basis.

Euroglobe has policies for quality, environment and working methods.
Euroglobe works according to environmental norm ISO 14001, which was initiated in 2006 and will lead to certification in 2009.
A detailed study of our company’s and our suppliers routines has been carried out. An environmental study has been conducted and implemented. Several important environmental aspects have been identified and we have chosen to focus on the following three:

  1. Emissions in the air
  2. Emissions in water and land, ( chemical and tyres )
  3. Occurrence and handling of waste matter.

Euroglobe has implemented a program to minimize any negative effect on the environment.

When purchasing transport services our forwarders have been instructed to choose the most environmentally friendly alternative when choosing an external supplier, and to focus on companies that have been environmentally certified, if they are accepted by the end user.

Groupage: We have several transport planners that obtain the most optimal solution with the view to eliminating unnecessary extra mileage being driven, and therefore reducing any emissions.

Office material: Packaging and office material is carefully selected and checked for being the most environmentally friendly products available.

Supplier/Purchases: Euroglobe demand that our partners actively implement an environmental policy. When goods and services are purchased a specification of contents is required.

Sorting of waste: All waste products are effectively sorted at our offices and terminals. Documented instructions are available and continuous education is implemented.
Please feel free to order our environmental manual by contacting our environmental and quality controller on + 46 8 775 00 41. 

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