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Transfar AB belongs to the same group as Euroglobe. Transfar is a service company specializing in terminal and storage services.
Freight terminal.

The terminal at Frihamnen in Stockholm is operated by Transfar AB.
In cooperation with Hutchinson Ports and Stockholms Hamnar, Transfar AB has the opportunity to offer the following services:

stuffa / strippa containers
load or unload rail wagons.
load or unload trucks.
cargo and load adjustment of sea, car or rail freight.
truck service and truck rental.
warehouse and regular warehouse
packing, processing and distribution.
container sales

The terminal has an area of approximately 3500 m2 inside, 200 m2 external ceilings and approximately 2000 m2 external surface. Our machinery consists of trucks of sizes from 1 to 20 tons and trucks from smaller vans to the whole equipage with car & drop.

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